Types Of Website

There are many types of websites. The browser is the software that allows you to visit different types of websites.

“A website, also known as a web site or internet site, is a collection of related web pages and other content such as multimedia content or advertising.”

According to Wikipedia, a website can be classified into several types:

Personal Websites

Business websites

Academic or educational websites

Ecommerce (online shopping) websites.

Personal sites describe people’s private life and interests. For example, if you have created a personal blog, it is most likely that your blog is referred to as “your own personal site”.

Business sites focus on companies’ products and services.

Academic or educational sites are dedicated to providing information about schools and universities, teachers and teaching material.

Ecommerce sites allow online shopping with instant purchase and quick shipping options. They enable the possibility of adding items for sale in just a few steps – by filling out an easy form without having to leave the site.

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