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Nuixen Tech that offers content writing and copywriting services to help businesses and individuals make their content more comprehensible and engaging. Nuixen typically specialize in digital content such as articles, blog posts, social media posts and website copy.

The services offered by a content writing service from Nuixen can range from one-off projects to be completed 'on demand', to long term relationships where the client routinely commissions them for new work, this may include video scripts, company blogs, white papers and press releases. Some times they are also hired to create content for websites or social media accounts.

The Nuixen Technology use native speakers with English as their first language (US/UK). However some other companies use translation software like Google Translate that allows users to select the language pairs used in translation. Most companies take into account that these articles need to be SEO optimized before submission. And it is also very common that all articles will be checked by editors before distribution. Editors look at the article to make sure that the content is 100% readable, there are no grammar or spelling errors, and most importantly it's tailored to the target audience.

The services offered by Nuixen ranges from proof reading of existing material, through to writing for social media accounts, blogs and online press releases. One of the main differences between a copywriter working 'in-house' in traditional print or publishing is that they will typically work on a series of projects one-off rather than continuously throughout a long term contract. The reason why quality can be maintained throughout this process is due to fact that all articles go through several revisions before going live. The writers must ensure that it contains correct use of punctuation, grammar and spelling while also maintaining a consistent tone.

While there is no fixed price, the cost of writing an article will depend on many factors such as quality, length and word count. A standard 500-600 words article should not take more than 1000 Rupees to be written. On average, a content writing agency charges between 2000 and 1500 per 1,000 words depending upon several factors: writer's expertise and years of experience in the field, timeline required to complete an order, access or lack of access to research material/sources etc. Well-established companies also offer discount structure for their returning customers.

Content writing services industry has been subject to frequent spamming by illegitimate players like scam artists and fake service providers that use it as a ploy to dupe unaware and inexperienced users. They use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques like keyword stuffing and other methods to increase their online visibility. It is advised that people opting for such services should beware of such fraudsters who usually offer low-quality content or take more time than the promised period to deliver it.

Article writing is considered one of the most important tools in today's digital age, since everything is finally going digital, only those with good enough knowledge to produce good articles will survive, other wise they have no future. And this means being able to write about various topics from politics, finance news, sports updates to industry specific writing for technical websites/portals etc all gets counted as content writing industry.

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