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Web development

Web Development is the process of using various technologies to create websites and applications that are accessible via a browser. The term generally refers to both server-side programming, which can be used in conjunction with any programming language, and client-side scripts such as JavaScript or jQuery.

Web Development also includes creating wireframes, comps for website design, layout development, cross-browser compatibility issues, responsiveness on mobile devices (i.e., smartphones), etc. Web developers usually work closely with other designers on site content and interface elements like logos or menus; they might also collaborate with marketing specialists who know their target audience's preferences better than anyone else does.

The role of the web developer in larger business or organizations varies greatly depending on which industry they are involved in. For example, building a web application for an investment bank would require different skills than creating websites about organic food. Web development is also often referred to as "web design" because it encompasses the design, creation and maintenance of websites that appeal to companies looking for exposure.

Web Development became more accessible when developers began using Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and others which sped up projects by allowing designers to utilize pre-existing code bases or create custom designs without writing all of the code from scratch.

A popular alternative among users who desire advanced accessiblity features is Bootstrap, which acts as a front-end framework that makes it easier to use HTML, CSS and Javascript. This allows designers to write custom code rather than using the pre-defined templates offered by traditional content management systems.

Web development is now one of the most in-demand skill sets among technology companies today, because web sites are accessible on any device at any time.

As more businesses move their operations online, the demand for websites increases exponentially with hiring managers searching for candidates who can produce their organization's next website or build out an ecommerce site platform. While there are many steps involved between initial discussions with business owners and visitors reading about company products or services online, each step offers opportunities for developers to apply their knowledge of programming languages like PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create visually appealing, customer-friendly web pages.

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